My SECOND Challenge

Wait, what? Second? Where’s the FIRST? Sorry, buddy, what can I say? I completed a 30 Day Happiness Challenge, but I’ll save that post for another day.

So, I decided to do a basic fitness challenge. As you can probably imagine, agoraphobia has lead to a very sedentary lifestyle. I am surprised I haven’t turned into an actual potato at this point. (I know, I know, you can stay active & fit with home workouts. This is not what I have been doing).

This challenge, from Jennifer Hall over at Dancing in the Rain, is where I’m starting.

my 30dayfit.jpgtp://

So far, it’s been so easy & so quick (just a few minutes!) I haven’t been able to find an excuse NOT to do it, haha! I’m actually already on day 4, & I feel kind of accomplished! Added bonus, my husband says he’s really starting to notice a difference- not in my body (c’mon, it’s only been 4 days), but in my attitude 😀 He says I am more positive & upbeat, instead of my regular ol’ Eeyore self!