Day 15 fitness challenge

Whoot! We’ve made it to day 15. Honestly, those numbers are starting to look a little intimidating, but I am determined to stick it out, especially now that I made it to the halfway point!

I cooked something I have never even tried before- bibimbap! Any excuse to eat kimchi, amirite? It actually turned out really well.

And something new has come up in my life. I decided, since I have to shop anyways, that I might as well start reviewing stuffs. I mostly online shop, because agoraphobia & sweat pants. Seriously, though, isn’t online shopping great?

Do you look forward to packages arriving only to find yourself disappointed in what you receive? I know it’s happened to me a time or five. I hate buyer’s remorse. I also don’t have enough extra cash lying around to burn it willy-nilly (although I WISH I had enough money to have a cash fueled bonfire. That’d be nice).

I’ll be posting reviews for various products- everything from mundane household items & delicious treats to the more unusual- velvet capes & breast enhancement pills! Yeah, you read that last part right. I’m an A cup, don’t judge me.

Looking forward to sharing my opinions & reading about your experiences!