The Glam Bag that never was

Earlier this month I joined Ipsy. Right away I disliked some aspects of the company-  You sign up and WHAM! Placed on a waitlist that forces you to spam people to get off of it. This is AFTER you’ve given Ipsy your credit card/payment info. There is also the no customer service number. Thus far email responses are automated & do not address my issue. Apparently, if you try to email them again, after not receiving a response, you get bumped to the end of the line regardless of how long you’ve been waiting. Facebook page comments are mostly answered by consumers & not the company representatives, but let me warn you now- these people act like you just called their baby ugly. Tweets have been ignored.

Wait, it get worse. I saw the sneak peek of my bag. UGLY, but that’s not a big deal. It’s boring! I subscribed because I never wear makeup, ever, & thought this would be a fun way to experiment with it. I would have been (& was) super excited & easy to please in this department. Except, my bag doesn’t have makeup- a mascara sample that doesn’t seem very popular & a highlighter stick, neither of which appear to be full size. I am not thrilled that my first bag has two makeup products, and one of them is mascara- the product most subscribers are likely to own. Other items are a face scrub sample, gel eye mask things that I would never use, & a cheap eyeshadow brush- it looks like the type of samples you sometimes receive in the mail along with a coupon, or from a hotel’s front desk! Beauty preferences seem to be completely ignored by the company. I wouldn’t have paid $2 for this bag, much less $10! It is so devoid of fun. Looking at reviews it doesn’t seem anyone else got such a lackluster bag, though I saw several that were not thrilled with theirs. Honestly, I could have dealt with that, and actually, despite my deep disappointment in this bag, I resolved to give ipsy three months worth of chances. I know I wouldn’t love every product, there would be some hits & some misses, but I at least wanted the chance to get some cool new makeup.

But really, the last straw is that my shipping date kept changing & kept changing & has changed yet again, for like the sixth time. I expected to receive September’s bag in, idk, September.  Ipsy is quick to take your money on the 1st, but slow to ship. Shipping is done in three batches. You may not get your bag for the month in THAT month because some shipments go out in the 4th week of the month. The FOURTH WEEK!  There is NO REASON it should take 4 WEEKS to ship my product from within the US to me, also in the US. Shipping estimates & actual shipping dates changed several times for me, getting further out each time. All inquires that did get any response, mainly through FB, were met with the same message- email &/or tweet them.

The combination of disappointing bag, lack of customer support, and constantly changing shipping dates is far too much hassle for me. I could use that $10 to walk into Target or Ulta & buy my own stuff, without the risk of getting a product that is completely wrong for me, & wouldn’t have to wait 4 weeks for it! In all honesty, this whole thing has been so frustrating that I CRIED. Ugh. Have you ever been so frustrated that the only thing you can do is cry? Not a nice feeling.

When I went to cancel my service, the buttons I had to click seem to be purposely misleading, but even worse- my purchase history & shipping info for the bag I’ve yet to receive are completely wiped clean. Be sure to screenshot & copy down all this information prior to cancelling your subscription!

I’m going to Birch Box. I hear their products, though less makeup, are better quality.

I would never recommend Ipsy to anyone, unless I hated that person. Although I am happy for anyone who has a good experience with Ipsy, it obviously isn’t the right subscription service for me.


Which box subscription services have you tried? What did you like or dislike about them?





*Update– I have finally received a response, though I do not think it rectifies the situation in the least.

This email from ipsy’s support team:

“As for your bag combination, we customize bags using our ipsyMatch algorithm, which takes information from your beauty profile and product reviews to optimize your bag. Part of the excitement of getting a Glam Bag is exploring new things and being surprised. We have an array of different bag combinations each month, and we strive to give you the best bag possible, considering your preferences and how they fit with the brands and products we’re featuring…
It looks like we matched you with 4/5 products this month based on your beauty profile preferences. It’s possible that you may not love every single product we send, but if the majority of items fit your beauty profile, we consider it a good match. ipsy is a sampling service, so it’s our aim to introduce you to products you would never have tried otherwise.”

Except obviously I do use face wash, and even mascara. So for me, they failed at that aspect. And seriously, what good is a brush if I don’t receive any makeup to use it with?

However, the representative did provide the link to the shipping info on Fedex’s site, although thankfully I already had that. That said, by that point FedEx no longer had my package, it’s been given to the USPS, so it wasn’t at all useful, lol. Still, i’m glad it was included in the email without me having to ask for it.

And this, from a separate exchange through BBB:

“We guarantee that your Glam Bag will arrive within 14 business days of the date it was shipped, and if it hasn’t arrived by then, we ship you a replacement, no questions asked. Our customer service agents are always happy to help you with any issues you have. We feel that we’re able to offer the best quality of support over email, which is why we don’t currently offer phone support.” Despite the fact that several customers have expressed a desire to have phone support. And they’ll resend it? What other option is there, if they don’t do refunds?! That guarantee is meaningless- we guarantee it will arrive and if it doesn’t you’ll have to wait an unknown amount of time for a replacement? That’s just dumb.