The not-so-glam bag

2 makeup products, neither of them are full sized. In fact, the mascara is comically small-half the bottle is just the lid. The face polish (super small!) & eye mask things look exactly like the kind of product you get for free in the mail along with a coupon. The shadow brush is the only full size item, & it retails for under $3. The bag itself is not very cute & reeks of a chemically, plastic smell- it’s outside airing now (I had hoped to use the bags to stuff with personal care items for girls at a local teen homeless shelter).

Had I *ANY* idea that if I filled out the skincare section of their beauty profile I would receive almost exclusively those products I would not have done so. I had read months & months worth of reviews & reveals- this is by far the worst bag I have ever seen..


At least the highlighter is a pretty color. Does not make up for the suckage that is this ipsy bag, though.disapointment