Happy Coffee Day!



I honestly didn’t even know such a thing even existed, but now that I do you KNOW I’ve got to celebrate it!

I cannot start my day without the help of caffeine. Well, I can, but I don’t want to. I love coffee. Also, I am decidedly not a morning person. I am flat-out cranky in the morning. My lovely husband wakes me up with a cup of coffee & a kiss, then doesn’t even try to talk to me. He feeds the children breakfast while I attempt to haul myself out of bed. Yeah, he’s pretty amazing ❤ (Side note: that whole not-a-morning-person thing IS something I will be tackling as part of my quest. Unfortunately I am easily overwhelmed, so I can only take on one big change at a time & I am still working on my fitness challenge. My legs are EXHAUSTED, btw. Maybe they need some coffee, lol).

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to receive a package of the coffee pictured above.

Coffee. Just in time for this holiday I didn’t even know was a thing until about 5 minutes ago! Yay!

Cute package. Yay, it’s resealable! Let’s see what it says- 100% pure ground Arabica beans with no additives, grown in Nicaragua, in shade, and fertilized with natural compost. I have no idea whether coffee is typically grown in sun or shade, but I like that they use natural compost (my dad owns a garden center. Compost is & will always be my favorite fertilizer). I don’t think I have ever had coffee from Nicaragua, so that’s cool. I really like that there are no additives. It also states they are UTZ certified & Rainforest Alliance certified.  I like that. But where are the directions? I guessed at about 1.5-2 Tbsp per 6 oz of water. I’m super precise like that.

Excitedly, I tore it open…
Hmmm, this medium roast coffee is not very fragrant. Wow, that is finely ground!

The scent while brewing  is not very strong, which, in theory, I am perfectly okay with. (Though reviews on Amazon mention the scent. I practically shoved the package under my husband’s nose & he agreed that the fragrance is not very strong. Maybe our sniffers are broken?) I do enjoy the smell of most coffees, though. And I rely on it as a nifty trick to hide kitchen odors (I cook a lot, so odors happen) when people drop by unexpectedly. I obviously won’t be utilizing this coffee for that, lol.

I poured a cup for both me & the mister. I took a long, slow sip of it black, though I prefer my coffee with cream & sugar. I just wanted to experience the flavor completely unadulterated. The very first thing I noticed was the superb mouthfeel, very smooth. I’m really big on mouthfeel, so this probably won’t be the last time you hear about it. I know, that’s weird, I don’t care. I did not notice any oils floating on the surface, yet the coffee felt slightly thick & silky. The texture is luxurious.

To my taste buds, the black coffee tasted mildly bitter. Husband claims it is not bitter, besides in the way that coffee is, whatever that means. With a splash of cream & a lump of sugar, this coffee is a dream, a perfect sipping coffee. The last quarter of the cup is where this coffee really sang, it is rich & so incredibly smooth, with a perfect finish. Hey, sediment! That explains the “thickness” I guess, lol. (The thickness, omg, really Kammie?) Is it weird that I like the sediment? I dunno, I grew up drinking Folgers. I don’t do that now because people in the PNW are coffee snobs (they aren’t wrong, though). I just kind of fake it when I get caught in a coffee snob conversation.

I look forward to enjoying more of this coffee in the quiet hours of a foggy PNW morning.

(Grab yourself some here- COFFEE!!! P.S- Not an affiliate link, so I do not get any kickbacks if you purchase. Just sharin’ the love. P.P.S.- If someone wants to pay me, I’m open to the idea. Lol)

Disclosure- I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.