Cleaning up

Y’all, my house is a mess. Homeschooling is very, very time consuming. And clutterific. There are books, papers, manipulatives, pencils, & other education paraphernalia as far as the eye can see. They cover every surface. We also prepare & eat 3 meals a day at home, so the dishes never end, there’s always crumbs on the floor, & the table is in constant need of a wipe down.  You know what they say- messy house, messy mind. A messy mind is certainly not the right mindset for cultivating an awesome life. I need to figure out a schedule that works so that our home can stay reasonably tidy without sacrificing the kids’ education & still allowing me some time for myself. That’s a tall order!

Enter the miracle product- castile soap! Castile soap is a true soap (vs synthetic detergent) made out of vegetable oils instead of animal fats. It comes in both bar & liquid form. You can even find directions to make liquid soap from the bar version, but who has time for that?  Did you know it was originally made in Castile, Spain? Hence the name! 🙂 That’ll be a fun fact for trivia night, lol. But seriously, castile soap is incredibly versatile. Hygiene, cleaning practically the entire house, garden care, pets. You can even use it in place of toothpaste (I wouldn’t, but you could). I love the stuff. I prefer more natural cleaning products- baking soda, vinegar, lemon, salt, & castile soap are my staples. I feel a lot better knowing that I can clean my home & my children’s toys without using hazardous substances. Plus, no fumes! One day I’ll have to tell you about the time I used an oven cleaner & almost killed myself. Suffice to say, I shy away from products with strong fumes.

I’ve been using a very popular brand of liquid castile soap for several years, but I found that using it as a shampoo, body wash, or even just a hand soap was entirely too drying. Painfully so, like my hands were going to crack. And it left an odd film behind, blergh! I played with dilution ratios, additives, everything, but finally resigned myself to using it strictly for housekeeping purposes.

Today I tried a brand that is entirely unfamiliar to me, Natural Way Organics. I got the Ultra Mild unscented version. I like to add my own essential oils for fragrance & such. It’s priced a little lower than my normal brand, which is very appealing to me. I’m a pretty thrifty chick. I expected it to be comparable to my regular product. I was wrong.

“Fragrance free” does not mean odorless. There is a noticeable soapy smell, but no added perfume. I like that there is no added fragrance or color, but I didn’t care for the natural scent & will be adding essential oils. The liquid soap is a nice yellowish shade (I am loving yellow this year, such a cheerful color!), and  thin (in my experience this is normal for liquid castile soaps).

I don’t remember what filthy thing I touched, but ugh, my hands were gross. I think it was a pot from dinner (vindaloo) last night. Desperate to get my hands clean I grabbed the closest available soap- the NWO castile soap- and poured a small amount, undiluted, onto my wet hands.  Castile soap does not produce excess lather like other kinds of soap but a little bit goes a long way. Turns out, this is the ultimate comparison test between the two brands, as far as I’m concerned.

Y’all, I was stunned.  This soap actually is very mild! My skin didn’t feel overly dried or uncomfortable at all! There was also no filmy feeling left behind, thank goodness. I really hate the sensation of *stuff* on my skin- oil, stickiness of any kind, soap residue, lotion, whatever.. I did notice the soapy smell lingered on my hands after I rinsed them, but it faded quickly as they dried.

I had the idea to really put this soap to the test- I used it to wash my dishes!  In the past I have not liked using castile soap as a dish soap- the whole drying issue. Plus, you have to take the extra step of rinsing your dishes with vinegar to remove the film left behind & seriously, who wants to make chores take even longer?! I was pleasantly surprised to find that Natural Way Organics soap easily removed grease & rinsed very cleanly, leaving no residue or film behind! I didn’t even need to do a vinegar rinse. Score! My glasses were sparkling! No film, smudges, nothing. And that’s air dried. This is some good stuff!

I would recommend Natural Way Organics Ultra Mild Castile Soap to anyone interested in using a liquid castile soap. I know they’ve won me over! Check it out here- Ultra Mild Unscented Castile Soap, 16oz. As always, this is not an affiliate link 🙂

And now off I go to mop the kitchen floor, my new Natural Way Organics Ultra Mild unscented castile soap by my side!

Have you tried castile soap before? What did you think about it?

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Disclosure- I received this product at a reduced cost in trade for my honest review. The opinions expressed are my true feelings.