Scratch-Off Interactive World Map

I am so excited to review the Scratch-Off Interactive World Map by Info-Globes

You read that right, a scratch off -like a lottery ticket- map. What a nifty idea.

This map came very well packaged, rolled in a sturdy poster tube with a sheet of tissue paper to protect the surface from scratches. The map within was in perfect condition, without any creases.

The map is black with gold foil coating the land masses, and measures about 32″x 23″(measure yourself before buying a frame! I hung it BEFORE I measured & my measurements are more of a ballpark figure). It’s a great size- not so large than you need to dedicate an entire wall to it, but not so small that you can’t fully appreciate it from across a room. The US states & Canadian provinces are not outlined as the map shows the world’s countries. At the bottom of the map there is some infographics, which I found to be a neat touch.  You can scratch off the gold foil with the tool provided to reveal colors beneath! Or leave the gold foil intact to match your decor. The map also came with a simple, but cute compass. I think that’s more for a decorative touch, because the compass seems a little bit flimsy, and was dented, but the map itself is quality.

What a fun way to keep track of the countries you’ve visited! My husband could scratch a few off, but I’ve never been outside of the US, so… It’s marketed as a great gift for travelers & while that’s  true, I think it would be great in the classroom & that’s how we are going to use it. We do cultural studies along with geography, and as we learn about each region we’ll be scratching it off to reveal the colors beneath. My kids are very excited about it! We haven’t done much scratching yet, but you can see the range of colors beneath the gold foil on the product page.

Unfortunately I didn’t see a USA version of this map, but  I’m off to look for one.

I would recommend Scratch-Off Interactive World Map by Info-Globes to anyone who enjoys travelling, wants a fun way to reinforce studies,  or who would just like a map for decor.

I received this product for free/discount for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.