Fitness Challenge Completed

This is it, the last day of the fitness challenge. To wrap it up I decided to sit down with some tea and reflect on the last month.

Did I work out regularly before the challenge? No, no I did not.

Are there any changes I’ve noticed? My pushups have definitely improved! My abs seem slightly stronger. My husband also says my attitude is better, so that’s great!

What part of the challenge did I most like? The end, lol. Just kidding. I liked feeling that I accomplished something good for me every day.

What part of the challenge was most difficult? A little more than halfway through the numbers began to get pretty intimidating, and my legs were just *so* tired, that I found it difficult to start the daily exercises.

What helped me persevere? Knowing that I had a FB group to lead & encourage kept me going. How could I expect other members to do what I would not?

Did I feel supported and encouraged within my group? Absolutely! My gals are spectacular! They encouraged me to keep on going when I just couldn’t find the motivation within myself.

What would I have changed, if anything? I would probably add a little more upper body and certainly some cardio. Maybe ease up on the squats a bit, or at the very least implement a total rest day for the lower body. It’s still a good challenge for beginners but…ugggggghhhh, so many, many squats. I’d also do before/after pics or measurements next time.

Do I think that I will continue making fitness a part of my daily routine now that the challenge is over? I absolutely do!  For now, I think dedicating 30 minutes a day is a good place to start until working out becomes more of a habit.

And now, to my next challenge- discovering my city!