Are you raising kind kids?

Bullying- it’s a huge problem in our schools. An epidemic. Many schools have implemented anti-bullying policies, but to what avail? These policies are reactive, after the fact, and do nothing to address the cause of the behavior, nor do they equip children with the tools they need to handle these situations. These reactive ‘solutions’ are ineffective, but what’s a parent to do?

My kids fall into both categories, the bullied & the bully.  My boy, with his coke-bottle glasses & caring, sensitive disposition would be an easy target for bullies, and he indeed had one. He wouldn’t harm a fly, but my daughter? She could be the Queen of Mean. Lemme tell you how we turned that around.

  Cool Kind Kid– is an educational curricula that can be used by schools or at home. Cool Kind Kid is a proactive solution to bullying. The program teaches kids the social skills they need to combat bullying in a fun & easy way. It’s great for young children, recommended ages 4-9. My children, 4 & 8, really enjoyed and benefitted from it. Books, music, flash cards- no matter your child’s learning style there is a solution for you! Progress charts motivate your children, placemats serve as a gentle reminder to mind your manners at the table,  & bracelets are a fun visual cue that can go everywhere with them.

The kids love the book  Tanner Wants to be COOL! [Book 1]The style is reminiscent of a comic. Bright colors grab their attention, and large print makes it easy for them to read. The kids love Tanner, and I love that as Tanner navigates what it is to be “cool,” my kids learn right along with him that kind, caring, & respectful behavior is cool, while bullying is the ultimate in uncool.

The Bullying Prevention Cool Kind Kid Handbook [Book 1] & Bullying Prevention Tips- Raising a Cool Kind Kid book are invaluable. I like to go over it a little each day. Of course the bookmarks come in handy here! The solutions are delivered in a way children understand & are easy for them to implement into their everyday lives. My kids loved the pages for brainstorming in Bullying Prevention Tips. They really liked the idea of making a plan & putting it into action. Here’s my youngest doing an activity out of the Handbook. We all appreciated the inclusion of fun little activities that didn’t require a ton of time or special equipment & cute.


The Flashcards are a fun & convenient alternative to the handbook activities. They are large, sturdy, & brightly colored. I like to use them as redirection when the kids are getting antsy (it’s been raining here in the PNW. A lot).

The  award-winning Cool Kind Kid CD gets my kids moving & grooving, while reinforcing positive social behaviors. The songs are relatively short & serve as the perfect “wiggle break” in class. The songs cute, catchy, & upbeat. The lyrics are provided, making it easy to sing along. We enjoy all of the songs, but I am particularly fond of Dan’s Disastrous Dining Dilemma.

I’ve got to say, I love the laminated placemats. The kids enjoy coloring them while waiting for dinner to be served (we use washable markers), so no more asking every 13 seconds whether dinner is done. Best Part? So less mess for Mom (me) to clean after dinner! Before, my kids were much more sloppy eaters, but now that they are being more mindful of their manners, they are also more mindful of where that spaghetti-laden fork is hovering & are eager to help me wipe the table or rinse the dishes. It has been a very pleasant surprise!

Barbara Gilmore, the CEO, is clearly passionate & knowledgable about manners and bullying. She was an absolute pleasure to talk with & very helpful!

My children are able to resolve conflicts that before would have resulted in a squabble & whining. They just remind each other of what a Cool Kind Kid does. That’s it, that simple! My mind is kind of blown.

I have seen a remarkable improvement in my children’s behavior, and they were already well behaved (for the most part)! They  know that “The KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the bully.”™

I highly recommend  the Bullying Prevention Parent /Child Resource Kit which has everything you need to get started. The bundle is a great value. All young children should be taught these skills & tools!


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I received Cool Kind Kid’s Bullying Prevention Parent/Child Resource Kit free of charge in order to facilitate a review. As always all thoughts expressed are my true opinion.