Lee Stafford The Original Chopstick Styler™ Hair Wand review


Just look at that pretty pink handle!


Heats in seconds (450 F)

Clipless wand

Built in safety stand to protect surfaces

Ceramic-coated, rectangular barrel 1/4″ x 3/8″

Cool touch tip

Swivel Cord

Includes heat protective glove

On/Off switch with LED indicator light (steady red when on)

Plug is compatible with US outlet


My only complaints are really not complaints at all. I just wish it had multiple heat settings, I’d prefer a lower temp for doing such small sections of hair. I’d also really like the cool touch tip to be tapered, instead of having the slight flair it does. It’s not a big deal and doesn’t negatively affect my experience with the CHoPstick STYLER.

I love the pink handle, it’s almost metallic. Super cute! I didn’t know what to think about the unique, rectangular barrel at first. I wasn’t sure how it would affect the shape of the curls. Turns out, it’s a total non-issue. The shape of the curls were perfect!

I have medium length, wavy, thick hair that is somewhat coarse and super duper frizzy. This was my first time to ever use a clipless wand, but it was so easy. You can see in my first try there was a little bit of user error, I accidentally twisted my hair as I was wrapping it, leading to a strange kink.  I also had let my hair dry naturally and had quite a bit of frizz. Next time I will definitely make sure to smooth my hair before curling it. I think I’ll get the hang of the CHoPstick Styler after another try or two. This picture was after an attempt to finger comb the curls to break them up just a little bit.


My hair is legit always a dazzling halo of frizz, radiating out from my glorious face like the rays of the sun. I *really* should have smoothed it first.

The corkscrew curls are tight, so they take length off your locks- my hair appeared 4 or 5 inches shorter than it actually is. They also last a long time. I didn’t use any product for hold, but the curls held strong over THREE days! My hair was bouncy, which was a lot of fun to play with! I think these curls would be perfect for wearing down, a variety of lovely updos, a fun fauxhawk, or whatever! I’m thrilled with the performance of the Lee Stafford The Original Chopstick Styler™ Hair Wand.


I would recommend the CHoPstick STYLER to women seeking tight, corkscrew curls. I do think it would work well for most, if not all, hair textures.

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I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.