Painless Party Planning

Ohhhhhhmigosh, is summer not the time of endless parties? Birthdays, prom, graduation, weddings, barbecues, holidays… Already every weekend until September is booked! And I’m hosting several of these events. What’s a gal to do?

Thank goodness party decorations now come in complete packages at affordable prices! Much easier than purchasing each piece separately. Now I can spend less time planning and shopping! This is my first time using one of these packages, I don’t know what took me so long to give them a try. I ordered the PomPomGLAM Complete Pink Rose Gold Cream Tissue Paper Party Decoration Set.

Included in the package:

3 Pcs (10”) tissue paper flowers pom poms  pink, 1 cream, and 1gold polka dots

3 Pcs (12”) tissue paper flowers pom poms 1pink, 1 cream, and 1gold polka dots

1 Pack (12 sheets/pcs) paper tassel pink, cream, and gold color

2 Pcs (6.5 ft) Polka dot paper garland pink, cream, and gold mixed colors

80 grams loose circle confetti pink, white, and gold mixed colors

• Happy Birthday Banner

• Instructions for the tassel banner & paper flowers

And it JUST arrived! I’m excited to open this bad boy up and see everything in person!

Inside the small cardboard package everything is nice & tidy within clear cellophane. Y’all! I am in love with the gold polka dot flowers, without even having to fluff one up. Too cute! As you can see in the above pic, my greedy little girl was overcome with excitement by the confetti and decided to help herself. The pink & cream confetti is tissue paper & easily crumpled, but the gold pieces are metallic glittery cardstock. The gold is double sided and the glitter isn’t shedding at all. It’s the same material used for the polka dot banner, I think. I like that there are two of those polka dot banners. The “Happy Birthday” banner is separated into 2 parts, one for each word, It’s a precious pink cardstock with metallic gold lettering and strung together with pink ribbon. I love that it’s ribbon and not plain white string, it’s a super cute touch that makes more of a difference than I expected. I didn’t take the tassel banner out, but is cream, pink, & metallic gold as well. The instructions with it makes me think it’ll be quick & easy to put together. Everything looks good and matches so well. The color pallette is just perfect! And it’s affordable, too. You can get your perfect party formula here.

I am so excited! This party package is going to make my work so much easier and look so great!  What summer parties are you planning? Do you have any time-saving tips?

I received this product at discount in order to facilitate a review. As always, the thoughts and opinions are my own 😉