Housecleaning made EASY!

I swear, my life is wasted on cleaning. Wake up- clean- do some schoolwork- clean- eat- clean- more school- more cleaning- shower- clean- sleep- rinse-repeat. And does it ever stay clean? No, as soon as I turn my back there’s a kid, or a husband, or a meal making a mess.
One particularly painstaking task is the bathroom. As I’ve mentioned before, we have a very tiny house. It is also very poorly ventilated (we have to open the windows and doors, there is no kind of vent or duct system in our house at all, and the sole built in fan is, for whatever reason, in the kitchen). We live in the pacific northwest, so moisture + lack of ventilation is a HUGE problem. Mold everywhere, especially in the fall & winter. And ESPECIALLY in our teensy,completely unventilated bathroom.
I cannot stand a dirty bathroom, y’all. In fact, cleaning the toilet is my favorite chore & I perform it daily. Alas, in the years we’ve lived here there’s always been a waterline stain that no amount of chemicals or scrubbing has done away with. Even worse is the horrible, stubborn mold that inhabits the built in soap holder in the shower.


Ewww. I swear I do scrub this thing regularly!

That thing is disgusting and I hate it. Who puts a recessed soap holder with no drainage in the wall of an unvented bathroom? It’s not even tilted to help the water drain or anything. I mean, really?! Anyways, NOTHING I have tried gets rid of the black mold stain in it. It’s embarassing and infuriating. Does anyone else have this issue? No, just me? Moving on. Today, I finally found a solution!!!


The Elevate Essentials Pumice Stone Scouring Stick! I have been super curious to try one of these pumice stones to see if I could finally rid myself of that waterline in the toilet. When that worked like a charm I decided to try it on that awful soap dish. Spare you the pain of having to look at photos of my toilet bowl, lol. You won’t believe how fast it took that dang mold stain right off! And even better? I didn’t have to use any toxic chemicals! Just the pumice stick and a few minutes of scrubbing. All the years of battling this stupid stain and in the end I didn’t even need to break a sweat to remove it! My mind is blown. So much time and money wasted.


That took like 4 minutes to accomplish.  And yes, that awful tobacco stain yellow is the actual color of my bathroom. I know, ick. 


These scouring sticks are pretty amazing. 100%  natural pumice, they start as rectangular blocks, but after you wet them and start to scrub they start to wear down, conforming to the shape of whatever you’re scrubbing. It does leave a fine, sandy debris as you scrub, but it rinses away easily. The one I used in the toilet bowl became rounded on the end & the one I used for the soap dish got grooves in it that matched the grooves of the dish. It made it super easy to scrub all the little hard to reach nooks.


After I scrubbed the entire bathtub and went back over the soap dish. See the grooves? 

Since it’s pumice, it’s safe on your skin! I didn’t wear gloves, because honestly I just hate wearing gloves to garden or clean, so my hands are pretty rough but now my right hand is so exfoliated, lol. A spa treatment and house cleaning in one? Talk about multi-tasking! You can use the pumice stick on so many things, too! I cannot wait to tackle the barbecue grates with these bad boys after our next grill out! Elevate Essentials Pumice Stone Scouring Sticks are my new holy grail cleaning utensils. I’m completely sold on them. I would 100% recommend them to everyone. Get one, seriously. They. Are. Awesome!


I received this product at discount in order to facilitate a review (and jumped at the chance because I’ve wanted to try some for a good while now). As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.