Take a hike

Summer is here and I am itching to hit the road for some adventures. Tuesday we played hooky from class and got a little hiking in.

We went to Table Rock right here in town. The unpaved trail to the top is easy, though there is a section that’s a bit steep for wee ones. The top offers nice views and is home to a few rare species of flora & fauna, but for the first time ever we didn’t make it! We got maybe 15 minutes up the trail before the youngest got too hot and we had to head back down. IMG_1234

We didn’t see much, but we did get to see a few wild flowers, including one called “Farewell-to-spring.”

I was hoping to see Limnanthes floccosa ssp. pumila, which only grows on Table Rock, but I think we were a little too late. Hopefully next year it’s dry enough to make it up the trail in time.

On our short hike we saw little wildlife- just a nondescript brown hawk who was just a bit too far away to make out any details and one adorable little bird. I think it’s a lesser goldfinch, but bird identification has never been my strong suit. Can you spot our little feathered friend?


It was nice to get out and stretch our legs, even if it was just briefly. I was hoping to get some more hiking in this week, but forecast calls for rain & the trails get slippery when wet. Maybe Monday we can hike the old volcano…

Do you have a favorite hiking destination?