Full Circle

Have you signed up with Tryazon? You have the opportunity to win giveaways and sample products from their Tryabox program. It’s a neat opportunity to discover new brands at no cost to you.

I recently received my first Tryabox, full of products from Full Circle.


Right away, Full Circle seems like a great fit for my home. They carry eco- and pocketbook- friendly, quality products that fit a variety of common household needs.

I received the Citrus Ice Infusion Party PackZiptuck Reusable Storage Bags, Splash Patrol Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves, & Clean Reach Bottle Brush.

IMG_1467 I love this Citrus Infuser set. My absolute favorite part is that the ice cube trays are stackable, saving valuable space in my tiny freezer. See how the citrus reamer sits right on top? You juice directly into the trays! Pretty nifty, eh? The molds are shaped like lemon slices, they’re pretty cute & fit into our water bottles with no problem.



The glamorous life of a mom, eh? Let’s talk about that bottle brush. Do you not love the bamboo detail on the handle?! Can a bottle brush be elegant? I think this one comes pretty close! The bamboo handle, besides being a classy touch, is really smooth and comfortable, long enough to reach the bottom of our tallest water bottles, and coating is nontoxic, too! The brush is wide and none of the BPA-free bristles shed. But guess what? The head is also replaceable! I love that, since it helps cut down waste. Such a clever idea.

Ok, moving on to the natural latex gloves. They are actually pretty cute! The 100% cotton cuffs are white with crossed green lines, and designed to keep water out of your gloves. The lining is blend of nylon & rayon from plant fibers & very soft. You know that gross, damp feeling most kitchen gloves give you? I did not have that issue at all with the Splash Patrol gloves. The gloves have a little loop you can hang them from to dry them, which is always appreciated.


and the product every home needs- Reusable food-safe storage bags.I received a chevron/clear one (backside of which is pictured above, the chevron design on front can be seen in the dishwashing picture). I like that the backside is clear- no guessing as to what’s inside. These ones were quite large. They feel pretty sturdy, didn’t leak when I tested them by filling partially with water, were easy to seal, and they STAND to be stored upright, which I absolutely love. You could use these bad boys as travel storage bags, or for food,  or as a basket for berry picking like I did, lol.

I really liked Full Circle’s products, their eco-friendly & nontoxic materials. and their price point. I will definitely be purchasing other products by them. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

What enviroment friendly swaps are you making in your household products?