Push Your Luck

Every Friday in our house is “Family Fun Night.” We cook together (or order pizza), have a family meeting, and play games. The kids absolutely love it, and so do I, but I must admit it can get a little boring playing Clue for the 400th time, lol. Most of the games we have are strategic or trivia, so I was excited for a chance to shake things up with a game of luck.


I’ll get a better pic soon- it’s been in the triple digits this week & AC is not so common in my area, it’s just waaay too hot to try to mess with lighting right now

BLUE ORANGE GAMES Rally Roll Dice Game  includes 6 dice, 1 travel bag, and illustrated rules. 

Push your luck with this easy to play dice game.

  • Great family fun
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Suggested age- 8 years+ (though my nearly- 6 yr old played along with us)

It’s a simple game to get the hang of- you roll the dice all together. The larger die shows only a color- you can only count the other dice that show the same color. So if the large die lands on green, you only add the points on the other green dice. You can continue rolling and racking up points, stopping at any point you choose, or roll until NO dice show the same color as the large one, at which point you “bust” & lose all points for the round. The first one to 50 wins.

Honestly, with only 2 adults & 2 children playing, Rally Roll was “meh” for me. Part of it is most definitely my own bias- I much prefer games of strategy to ones of chance. I think it would be much more fun if we had more adults playing, that way it would be more competitive, & I look forward to playing with a larger group.

Since we homeschool I am always searching for new ways to make learning fun. Using the core concept of the game, I adapted it as a way to reinforce basic addition for young children. I just had my youngest, who will be entering kindergarten this year, add the dice that matched the color shown on the larger die & took it a step further by writing down the addition problems. I always appreciate a product with some versatility like that.

Overall, I actually would recommend Rally Roll to those who enjoy games of chance, or for groups of more than 2 people. I think it would be a great game to take along camping, or to play at a family gathering.

I received this product free of charge in order to facilitate a review. As always, the thoughts & opinions expressed are my own.