Macy’s Beauty Box- Yay or Nay?

Last month I signed up for the Macy’s Beauty Box. I signed up on June 15th, but looks like my first box will be August.

“You will get the current month’s box if you subscribed by the 15th of the month, pending availability. If you subscribed after the 15th, you will receive a subsequent month box.”
For example: if you subscribed between June 16th and July 15th, your first box will be August; however, if  you subscribe on or after July 16th, your first box will be September. Note, the first Macy’s Beauty Box will be shipped in August.”

Subscribing is easy, though apparently you may be put on a waitlist. Macy’s will charge you  $15(+tax)  sometime between the 1st & 10th of each month. Honestly that window is a bit too wide for my liking but that’s a minor issue.

For $15 a month you will receive 5 beauty samples, 1 bonus item (fragrance?), a cosmetic bag, & a $5 coupon, to use online or in-store.  Sounds pretty standard, right? Here’s why it’s not:

Despite being slightly higher in cost than the most comparable subscriptions out there Macy’s website & beauty box subscription is not very engaging. There is no sense of community and Macy’s completely fails at drumming up excitement & suspense over their Beauty Box subscription. They lack the air of exclusivity previously garnered by Play by Sephora. They can’t claim the experience of BirchBox (Macy’s previous launch was a failure) nor the fun-loving spirit of Ipsy.  There’s no place to check your order status- they send out an email with tracking info when it ships, which should be by the third week of the month.  There is no beauty profile, no preference questionnaire. Samples are chosen by their beauty experts, are kept secret, and the monthly theme is unknown. They will post monthly online videos with sample info & styling tips (the link to the video is missing from the faq, stupidly). The items in that particular video (is that the August box?) are pretty underwhelming, especially if it’s the items that are included in the first box of their relaunch. Overall, this sub seems very flat and unexciting. Macy’s Beauty Box already feels so MEH.

Here’s hoping I’m wrong and Macy’s Beauty Box wows everyone.

Are you excited for Macy’s Beauty Box Subscription? Have you subbed?


8 thoughts on “Macy’s Beauty Box- Yay or Nay?

  1. not lying.. i signed up the SAME day (June 15th) and haven’t received it yet. To be honest, I completuy forgot about it until I saw your post! WTF. I am super behind on box reviews so I can wait but I am so curious how it will be!! Lets compare what we get! (or is it all same? – no clue!) xoKitty

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    • I normally don’t even review my actual beauty boxes, but this one I will! So few people seem to be aware of it’s relaunch. Play has been a hit & miss for me (I have gotten boxes 306 & 042, waiting on 023). I haven’t tried the Allure sub yet, do you love it?


      • I liked the Allure one a lot at first but canceled it because I felt like it contained too many drugstore products. However, I just subscribed again because they’ve really upped their game when it comes to including designer products too. I’m excited to start getting it again!


  2. I haven’t heard of Macy’s Beauty Box but then again I don’t wear makeup. I’m a bit leary of all the monthly subscriptions out there. I would be afraid to cancel if I wasn’t happy and then get charged for something not needed.


    • I’ve just recently started wearing makeup myself, and really only on occasion. The macy’s Beauty Box doesn’t seem to have much buzz, a few people I know who subscribe to many boxes haven’t heard of it, either :/ So far I’ve cancelled Ipsy, BirchBox, & LipMonthly without any problems.


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