Glasstic Custom Designed Water Bottles

Have you heard of Glasstic? They’re makers of fun, unique glass water bottles. Glasstic water bottles are innovative glass bottles nestled inside of a BPA-free plastic protective outer shell, hence the name. Glasstic offers 48 Design Bottles and Branded Bottles, as well as value packs & accessories such as bottle brushes.  They even have a lifetime guarantee.

  • ‘Design’ bottles have an imprint on the front surface and a blank transparent back surface- there are 48 great designs to choose from!
  • ‘Branded’ bottles have a blank transparent front and back surface for customizing, though you can purchase “as is”- they offer 6 different colors of lids/bases.

And you can personalize them! There are 38 ready-to-use Style Liners, as well as an option to design your own!

  1. Create account
  2. Use the online design tool as a reference for designing your own water bottle
  3. Use the Text Generator tool to design your text. This tool features:
  • 92 Fonts
  • 128 textures
  • customized stroke and glow options

Be sure to download your work

4. Choose your bottle. Make sure to select the “Personalize” option!

5. Using the tool, upload the text you saved earlier, and/or any photos or images you desire.

I’m not even gonna lie, here I got momentarily frustrated. The text I had created using the Glasstic generator uploaded incredibly tiny.


Look at that tiny text

Luckily, you can easily enlarge it. Click on your inserted image and enlarge it using the arrows. You’ll see a yellow dot, that’s what you’ll use to rotate the text to run vertically, then you can enlarge it further. Use the preview button to ensure you like the placement and size of your text.


Much better!

6. Once you are ready, select the finish button & read the disclaimer. After that your image will appear in your “Saved Designs.” To find that, click on “My Account” select “Saved Designs” and add to cart whenever you’re ready.

I had so much fun playing around with different fonts, colors, designs, and images, but in the end I really like the idea of using the style inserts to compliment my outfits or moods, so I went simple- a Glasstic Branded Bottle with my name, and a blue (my fave) colored lid/base.

Don’t forget to check out the insert designs! Single pages are available, but the design packs are a better value.  Keep in mind that these are inserts, therefore whatever you have printed on the outside of the bottle may partially obscure or clash with some inserts. I had a bit of trouble using a coupon code at checkout, but customer service was prompt & friendly, they sorted it out for me.

Here is my finished product, without an insert.


I’m digging the Glasstic bottles. I love that the inside is glass so my drinking water isn’t sitting around warming up in  contact with a plastic bottle, but the outside is plastic so that if it ever does break the glass will stay contained. The handle makes toting it around easy, especially if you invest in one of the lanyards and the lid locks, so no leaking or accidental spills!

I really enjoyed playing around with the design process, and I love the finished Glasstic water bottle!


Disclosure: I received the product at no cost in order to facilitate a review of the design process. I enjoyed the process and the product enough I chose to become an affiliate. None of the previous links are affiliate links, however. This one is, if you choose to click it and help a gal out 🙂 You’ll also get 10% off your first bottle (not applicable to custom print bottles).


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