My family is at the lake. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join them so I went out to pick berries instead. Yesterday evening I picked about a half gallon, today I got 3 gallons. I’ll be back tomorrow for another gallon or so, because if I’m going to can in this heat it’s going to be worth it!

The berries I foraged today are some of the biggest, juiciest berries I have ever seen. The spot I found (well, actually was directed to by an older woman walking her dog) is PERFECT- easily reached, no high grass, and even partially shaded! The vines looked like waterfalls of big beautiful berries; red, green, black, purple jewels cascading from 9 feet high, full from the tippy top and even trailing on the ground. It was such a sight! And even more surprises awaited me- growing in a section of the blackberries is a huge grape vine! I also found beautiful wild roses and cattails to harvest later.


Does no justice to the mind boggling amount of berries on the vines


I also found grapes to harvest in the future!


Sooo many thorns in my fingertips


I sure paid for those berries, lol


By the end of the trip I had 3 gallons


Bees, butterflies, and birds were everywhere

It was wonderful to be at the patch alone, just picking berries and enjoying the sights, sounds, and scents of a glorious summer day. I was actually at the park, so people were nearby but not close. A man with a guitar was sitting in the shade by the bushes, strumming away. It really was just a perfect afternoon. And I found it a great time to meditate about life and God and everything else.



These hydrangeas smelled so sweetly

I hope everyone is out there today, enjoying the sun and bounty of nature!