Macy’s Beauty Box- Yay or Nay?

Last month I signed up for the Macy’s Beauty Box. I signed up on June 15th, but looks like my first box will be August.

“You will get the current month’s box if you subscribed by the 15th of the month, pending availability. If you subscribed after the 15th, you will receive a subsequent month box.”
For example: if you subscribed between June 16th and July 15th, your first box will be August; however, if  you subscribe on or after July 16th, your first box will be September. Note, the first Macy’s Beauty Box will be shipped in August.”

Subscribing is easy, though apparently you may be put on a waitlist. Macy’s will charge you  $15(+tax)  sometime between the 1st & 10th of each month. Honestly that window is a bit too wide for my liking but that’s a minor issue.

For $15 a month you will receive 5 beauty samples, 1 bonus item (fragrance?), a cosmetic bag, & a $5 coupon, to use online or in-store.  Sounds pretty standard, right? Here’s why it’s not:

Despite being slightly higher in cost than the most comparable subscriptions out there Macy’s website & beauty box subscription is not very engaging. There is no sense of community and Macy’s completely fails at drumming up excitement & suspense over their Beauty Box subscription. They lack the air of exclusivity previously garnered by Play by Sephora. They can’t claim the experience of BirchBox (Macy’s previous launch was a failure) nor the fun-loving spirit of Ipsy.  There’s no place to check your order status- they send out an email with tracking info when it ships, which should be by the third week of the month.  There is no beauty profile, no preference questionnaire. Samples are chosen by their beauty experts, are kept secret, and the monthly theme is unknown. They will post monthly online videos with sample info & styling tips (the link to the video is missing from the faq, stupidly). The items in that particular video (is that the August box?) are pretty underwhelming, especially if it’s the items that are included in the first box of their relaunch. Overall, this sub seems very flat and unexciting. Macy’s Beauty Box already feels so MEH.

Here’s hoping I’m wrong and Macy’s Beauty Box wows everyone.

Are you excited for Macy’s Beauty Box Subscription? Have you subbed?


Push Your Luck

Every Friday in our house is “Family Fun Night.” We cook together (or order pizza), have a family meeting, and play games. The kids absolutely love it, and so do I, but I must admit it can get a little boring playing Clue for the 400th time, lol. Most of the games we have are strategic or trivia, so I was excited for a chance to shake things up with a game of luck.


I’ll get a better pic soon- it’s been in the triple digits this week & AC is not so common in my area, it’s just waaay too hot to try to mess with lighting right now

BLUE ORANGE GAMES Rally Roll Dice Game  includes 6 dice, 1 travel bag, and illustrated rules. 

Push your luck with this easy to play dice game.

  • Great family fun
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Suggested age- 8 years+ (though my nearly- 6 yr old played along with us)

It’s a simple game to get the hang of- you roll the dice all together. The larger die shows only a color- you can only count the other dice that show the same color. So if the large die lands on green, you only add the points on the other green dice. You can continue rolling and racking up points, stopping at any point you choose, or roll until NO dice show the same color as the large one, at which point you “bust” & lose all points for the round. The first one to 50 wins.

Honestly, with only 2 adults & 2 children playing, Rally Roll was “meh” for me. Part of it is most definitely my own bias- I much prefer games of strategy to ones of chance. I think it would be much more fun if we had more adults playing, that way it would be more competitive, & I look forward to playing with a larger group.

Since we homeschool I am always searching for new ways to make learning fun. Using the core concept of the game, I adapted it as a way to reinforce basic addition for young children. I just had my youngest, who will be entering kindergarten this year, add the dice that matched the color shown on the larger die & took it a step further by writing down the addition problems. I always appreciate a product with some versatility like that.

Overall, I actually would recommend Rally Roll to those who enjoy games of chance, or for groups of more than 2 people. I think it would be a great game to take along camping, or to play at a family gathering.

I received this product free of charge in order to facilitate a review. As always, the thoughts & opinions expressed are my own.

Girl, about your bikini line…

👙 It’s bikini season again and you know what that means- dealing with unsightly, painful razor rash & ingrown hairs.

I dunno about you, but bikini line bumps just ruin my day. I always feel the need to wear shorts over my bathing suit, and even then I feel self conscious about it. I end up not having as much fun as I would/should have. But no more! I picked up a bottle of Maywood Creek Essentials Best Ingrown Hair Treatment.



Distilled water, Aloe Vera leaf juice, calendula extract, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, lemon essential oil, tea tree oil, lavender essential oil.


  • Pleasant citrus herb fragrance (it really does smell great)
  • Contains skin-calming calendula and aloe
  • Disinfects with tea tree and lemon oils
  • Safe to apply anywhere that razor bumps, razor burn or ingrown hairs develop
  • No stinging/irritation
  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Contains no parabens or mineral oil
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Easy to use, no need to rinse
  • Air dries quickly
  • Thus far is effective (I have only shaved once since purchasing this, but no signs of bumps)


  • Water-like consistency. This actually didn’t bother me, but I saw other uses mention they wish it were thicker.
  • The pump dispenser squirts straight out (towards you) quite a distance, you need to be to be prepared for that.


I would recommend to anyone who suffers from razor rash or ingrown hairs (except if you’re pregnant- you’d have to check to make sure the essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy).

🍋🌿     🍋🌿     🍋🌿     🍋🌿     🍋🌿     🍋🌿     🍋🌿     🍋🌿     🍋🌿     🍋🌿

I received this product at deep discount in order to facilitate a review. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.


Full Circle

Have you signed up with Tryazon? You have the opportunity to win giveaways and sample products from their Tryabox program. It’s a neat opportunity to discover new brands at no cost to you.

I recently received my first Tryabox, full of products from Full Circle.


Right away, Full Circle seems like a great fit for my home. They carry eco- and pocketbook- friendly, quality products that fit a variety of common household needs.

I received the Citrus Ice Infusion Party PackZiptuck Reusable Storage Bags, Splash Patrol Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves, & Clean Reach Bottle Brush.

IMG_1467 I love this Citrus Infuser set. My absolute favorite part is that the ice cube trays are stackable, saving valuable space in my tiny freezer. See how the citrus reamer sits right on top? You juice directly into the trays! Pretty nifty, eh? The molds are shaped like lemon slices, they’re pretty cute & fit into our water bottles with no problem.



The glamorous life of a mom, eh? Let’s talk about that bottle brush. Do you not love the bamboo detail on the handle?! Can a bottle brush be elegant? I think this one comes pretty close! The bamboo handle, besides being a classy touch, is really smooth and comfortable, long enough to reach the bottom of our tallest water bottles, and coating is nontoxic, too! The brush is wide and none of the BPA-free bristles shed. But guess what? The head is also replaceable! I love that, since it helps cut down waste. Such a clever idea.

Ok, moving on to the natural latex gloves. They are actually pretty cute! The 100% cotton cuffs are white with crossed green lines, and designed to keep water out of your gloves. The lining is blend of nylon & rayon from plant fibers & very soft. You know that gross, damp feeling most kitchen gloves give you? I did not have that issue at all with the Splash Patrol gloves. The gloves have a little loop you can hang them from to dry them, which is always appreciated.


and the product every home needs- Reusable food-safe storage bags.I received a chevron/clear one (backside of which is pictured above, the chevron design on front can be seen in the dishwashing picture). I like that the backside is clear- no guessing as to what’s inside. These ones were quite large. They feel pretty sturdy, didn’t leak when I tested them by filling partially with water, were easy to seal, and they STAND to be stored upright, which I absolutely love. You could use these bad boys as travel storage bags, or for food,  or as a basket for berry picking like I did, lol.

I really liked Full Circle’s products, their eco-friendly & nontoxic materials. and their price point. I will definitely be purchasing other products by them. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

What enviroment friendly swaps are you making in your household products?

Take a hike

Summer is here and I am itching to hit the road for some adventures. Tuesday we played hooky from class and got a little hiking in.

We went to Table Rock right here in town. The unpaved trail to the top is easy, though there is a section that’s a bit steep for wee ones. The top offers nice views and is home to a few rare species of flora & fauna, but for the first time ever we didn’t make it! We got maybe 15 minutes up the trail before the youngest got too hot and we had to head back down. IMG_1234

We didn’t see much, but we did get to see a few wild flowers, including one called “Farewell-to-spring.”

I was hoping to see Limnanthes floccosa ssp. pumila, which only grows on Table Rock, but I think we were a little too late. Hopefully next year it’s dry enough to make it up the trail in time.

On our short hike we saw little wildlife- just a nondescript brown hawk who was just a bit too far away to make out any details and one adorable little bird. I think it’s a lesser goldfinch, but bird identification has never been my strong suit. Can you spot our little feathered friend?


It was nice to get out and stretch our legs, even if it was just briefly. I was hoping to get some more hiking in this week, but forecast calls for rain & the trails get slippery when wet. Maybe Monday we can hike the old volcano…

Do you have a favorite hiking destination?

Housecleaning made EASY!

I swear, my life is wasted on cleaning. Wake up- clean- do some schoolwork- clean- eat- clean- more school- more cleaning- shower- clean- sleep- rinse-repeat. And does it ever stay clean? No, as soon as I turn my back there’s a kid, or a husband, or a meal making a mess.
One particularly painstaking task is the bathroom. As I’ve mentioned before, we have a very tiny house. It is also very poorly ventilated (we have to open the windows and doors, there is no kind of vent or duct system in our house at all, and the sole built in fan is, for whatever reason, in the kitchen). We live in the pacific northwest, so moisture + lack of ventilation is a HUGE problem. Mold everywhere, especially in the fall & winter. And ESPECIALLY in our teensy,completely unventilated bathroom.
I cannot stand a dirty bathroom, y’all. In fact, cleaning the toilet is my favorite chore & I perform it daily. Alas, in the years we’ve lived here there’s always been a waterline stain that no amount of chemicals or scrubbing has done away with. Even worse is the horrible, stubborn mold that inhabits the built in soap holder in the shower.


Ewww. I swear I do scrub this thing regularly!

That thing is disgusting and I hate it. Who puts a recessed soap holder with no drainage in the wall of an unvented bathroom? It’s not even tilted to help the water drain or anything. I mean, really?! Anyways, NOTHING I have tried gets rid of the black mold stain in it. It’s embarassing and infuriating. Does anyone else have this issue? No, just me? Moving on. Today, I finally found a solution!!!


The Elevate Essentials Pumice Stone Scouring Stick! I have been super curious to try one of these pumice stones to see if I could finally rid myself of that waterline in the toilet. When that worked like a charm I decided to try it on that awful soap dish. Spare you the pain of having to look at photos of my toilet bowl, lol. You won’t believe how fast it took that dang mold stain right off! And even better? I didn’t have to use any toxic chemicals! Just the pumice stick and a few minutes of scrubbing. All the years of battling this stupid stain and in the end I didn’t even need to break a sweat to remove it! My mind is blown. So much time and money wasted.


That took like 4 minutes to accomplish.  And yes, that awful tobacco stain yellow is the actual color of my bathroom. I know, ick. 


These scouring sticks are pretty amazing. 100%  natural pumice, they start as rectangular blocks, but after you wet them and start to scrub they start to wear down, conforming to the shape of whatever you’re scrubbing. It does leave a fine, sandy debris as you scrub, but it rinses away easily. The one I used in the toilet bowl became rounded on the end & the one I used for the soap dish got grooves in it that matched the grooves of the dish. It made it super easy to scrub all the little hard to reach nooks.


After I scrubbed the entire bathtub and went back over the soap dish. See the grooves? 

Since it’s pumice, it’s safe on your skin! I didn’t wear gloves, because honestly I just hate wearing gloves to garden or clean, so my hands are pretty rough but now my right hand is so exfoliated, lol. A spa treatment and house cleaning in one? Talk about multi-tasking! You can use the pumice stick on so many things, too! I cannot wait to tackle the barbecue grates with these bad boys after our next grill out! Elevate Essentials Pumice Stone Scouring Sticks are my new holy grail cleaning utensils. I’m completely sold on them. I would 100% recommend them to everyone. Get one, seriously. They. Are. Awesome!


I received this product at discount in order to facilitate a review (and jumped at the chance because I’ve wanted to try some for a good while now). As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

Painless Party Planning

Ohhhhhhmigosh, is summer not the time of endless parties? Birthdays, prom, graduation, weddings, barbecues, holidays… Already every weekend until September is booked! And I’m hosting several of these events. What’s a gal to do?

Thank goodness party decorations now come in complete packages at affordable prices! Much easier than purchasing each piece separately. Now I can spend less time planning and shopping! This is my first time using one of these packages, I don’t know what took me so long to give them a try. I ordered the PomPomGLAM Complete Pink Rose Gold Cream Tissue Paper Party Decoration Set.

Included in the package:

3 Pcs (10”) tissue paper flowers pom poms  pink, 1 cream, and 1gold polka dots

3 Pcs (12”) tissue paper flowers pom poms 1pink, 1 cream, and 1gold polka dots

1 Pack (12 sheets/pcs) paper tassel pink, cream, and gold color

2 Pcs (6.5 ft) Polka dot paper garland pink, cream, and gold mixed colors

80 grams loose circle confetti pink, white, and gold mixed colors

• Happy Birthday Banner

• Instructions for the tassel banner & paper flowers

And it JUST arrived! I’m excited to open this bad boy up and see everything in person!

Inside the small cardboard package everything is nice & tidy within clear cellophane. Y’all! I am in love with the gold polka dot flowers, without even having to fluff one up. Too cute! As you can see in the above pic, my greedy little girl was overcome with excitement by the confetti and decided to help herself. The pink & cream confetti is tissue paper & easily crumpled, but the gold pieces are metallic glittery cardstock. The gold is double sided and the glitter isn’t shedding at all. It’s the same material used for the polka dot banner, I think. I like that there are two of those polka dot banners. The “Happy Birthday” banner is separated into 2 parts, one for each word, It’s a precious pink cardstock with metallic gold lettering and strung together with pink ribbon. I love that it’s ribbon and not plain white string, it’s a super cute touch that makes more of a difference than I expected. I didn’t take the tassel banner out, but is cream, pink, & metallic gold as well. The instructions with it makes me think it’ll be quick & easy to put together. Everything looks good and matches so well. The color pallette is just perfect! And it’s affordable, too. You can get your perfect party formula here.

I am so excited! This party package is going to make my work so much easier and look so great!  What summer parties are you planning? Do you have any time-saving tips?

I received this product at discount in order to facilitate a review. As always, the thoughts and opinions are my own 😉